B.Grimm Trading
B.Grimm Trading aims 75% growth with strength in engineering consultation

B.Grimm Trading Corporation Limited, a professional trading company offering the world’s leading engineering products from Europe, USA and other parts of the world aims to grow 75 percent with total revenue of Bt 1.4 billion in 2013 with its engineering expertise providing extensive engineering know-how and consultation starting from project planning & designing to after sales services in order to assure customers’ completed operation and satisfaction. 

“The origin of B.Grimm Trading Corporation started when B.Grimm had imported goods from machinery and supplies for infrastructure projects to products for everyday comfort years after establishing a pharmacy shop named Siam Dispensary in 1878” said Mr. Theeraphong Boonrodchu, Managing Director of B.Grimm Trading Corporation Limited.

B.Grimm Trading Corporation is currently an affiliate of B.Grimm serving as an incubator to facilitate and provide support for B.Grimm and joint venture companies while to help them connect their businesses and market those high quality products.

Apart from our strength in trading, we will expand our business with the synergy of energetic teamwork with extensive engineering consultation; top quality product; long term partnership with suppliers, private companies and government; and impressive aftersale services, he added.   

The company’s 4 business units categorized by type of product generate total revenue of Bt 819 million last year with the main driver of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) unit.  

In electrical engineering unit, B.Grimm Trading Corporation has projected 44 percent growth or Bt 115 million led by the expansion of industrial customers especially in the eastern region and increasing in residential projects in the central area that mainly use products of Siemens. The company will launch new electrical products such as magnetic starter of Hyundai and high efficiency motors of KSB and US Motors to customers apart from existing ones including water transfer pump and water purifier of Davey Water Products in Australia; transformer of GE; and breaker and switchgear of Siemens.

In mechanical unit, B.Grimm Trading Corporation will grow 10 percent or Bt 240 million driven by the customer base expansion in oil & gas and industrial segments by offering the top brands of Patterson’s fire suppression and hydronic pumping technology to HVAC applications with efficient performance and energy sustainability; KSB’s process pump for power plant and industrial sectors; Zenit’s submersible electric pumps for water treatment; and Siemens - environmental friendly chemical extinguishing system.  

B.Grimm Trading Corporation aims 20 percent growth or Bt 60 million in air conditioning unit by providing a full range of air conditioning products and cooling systems by Carrier and Toshiba with extensive engineering consultation including design, installation, repair and maintenance to improve comfort and efficiency in homes, offices and factories. Moreover, B.Grimm Trading Corporation, in cooperation with Carrier Thailand, will step into an emerging market such as Myanmar. 

In Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) unit, B.Grimm Trading Corporation is an exclusive authorized distributor of Vogt Power International Inc., an industry leader with a foundation of engineering excellence and expertise for HRSG, offering the design, manufacturing, and supply of the system and aftermarket related services to power generation industry in Thailand. In 2013, the company expects to grow at least 120 percent or Bt 1,023 million due to the fast growing of energy industry in the country.

Furthermore, B.Grimm Trading Corporation will introduce 2 high technology products into Thai market including Reimers System’s hyperbaric chambers, a room specially equipped pressure vessel used in medicine and physiological research to administer oxygen at elevated pressures that allows an individual to breathe 100% pure oxygen at greater than 1 standard atmosphere of pressure suitable for using in the treatment of decompression sickness in diving and other therapy; and Axsys Technologies’s high definition daylight and infrared cameras with superior imaging capabilities used in a wide range of surveillance applications in the film production, broadcasting, environmental protection, safe powerlines, homeland security and defense markets.