KSB is one of the leading suppliers of pumps, valves, system solutions and services.

Customers can rely on KSB for top-class quality, right across the range from familiar standards pumps to complex tailor-maid units.

KSB offers comprehensive know-how for economical all-in solutions for large and small-scale building services projects. KSB equips industrial and residential buildings, office buildings, exhibition halls and airports with pumps, valves and package units. Our strength is our experience!

KSB's Elite pump is the perfect versatile pump. As well as it is ideal for water supply duties with quick and clean reliability, Elite pump can be used in all processes, from water transport to storage and water supply.

With KSB's Elite, you get numerous benefits.

Pump construction is heavy duty cast iron casing with stainless steel shaft and bronze impeller.

The Elite range of end suction centrifugal pumps are rugged heavy-duty pumps designed for various water supply, irrigation and fire fighting duties in agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. The pumps feature gland packing seal for simple and economic maintenance, back pullout design enabling removal of the rotating element without disturbing the pipe work connections and heavy duty bearings.

A wide range is available and pumps can be modified for specific duties by adjustment of the impeller diameter which must be done with reference to the particular pump curve. Motors should be selected according to the pump speed and impeller diameter and mounted together with the pumps on a base frame with coupling. The pumps are also suitable for belt drive by either electric motor or a diesel engine.