Heat Recovery Steam Genertors Products (HRSG)

Vogt Power International (VPI) Inc. specialized in the design, manufacturing and supply of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Aftermarket related service, The “Vogt” name has been associated with a history of firsts: 1962- production of the first HRSG: 1972- introduction of the first three-pressure-level HRSG: 1988- release of the first re-heat HRSG, and installation of the first HRSG behind a F-Class turbine. Other firsts include the industry’s first integral deaerator, and first interstage burner. HVMC provided HRSGs through 1996, at which time a BPI subsidiary acquired certain assets and rights to use of the Vogt name.

Vogt Power International Inc. is recognized throughout the world as an industry leader with a foundation of engineering excellence and expertise for HRSGs.